Candle Snuffer Brass

Candle Snuffer Brass


No magic candle or candle used in rituals or magic works should be blown out. So, here is this brass candle snuffer.

It can be used to safely extinguish burning candles, on all types of candles, not just pillar candles and is safer than blowing out a candle or putting it out with your fingers. When you blow out a candle, the wax can splash and become uneven around the wick, so using a snuffer reduces the chance of doing this.

How to Use: Simply hold it about a centimeter above the wax and the lack of oxygen will snuff the candle. Be careful not to put it completely over the wick or too near to the candle as you may end up with wax all over the 'bell' part.

Will it stop the smoke once it has extinguished? It won't completely stop this, but it will help to contain the smoke and "pool" it around the wick, then drift up slowly rather than being blown everywhere.

Size of Candle Snuffer: It is 30cm in length but the handle can be twisted off and removed at the end, either to make it shorter or to help with cleaning. The length of the snuffer (bell part) is 4.8cm height, 3.5 in diameter.

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