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Labradorite connects with universal energies. A highly mystical and protective stone, it is a light-bearing, consciousness-raising gemstone. It is known as the stone of Druids and Magicians. It deflects unwanted forces from the aura, helping to keep it balanced. 
It promotes love, friendship, bonding and harmony.
Suitable for people engaged in any artistic or creative activity. This stone provides self-confidence, it is suitable for insecure and indecisive people.

It is in every sense, a Stone of Magick, a crystal of shamans, soothsayers, healers and all those who travel and embrace the universe in search of knowledge and guidance. 

It is excellent for awakening one's inner spirit awareness, intuition and psychic abilities. Most powerful protector of the mineral kingdom, creating a protective force throughout the aura and strengthening the natural energies from within. Provides safe exploration into alternate levels of consciousness.

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