Triqueta Pendant Sterling Silver

Triqueta Pendant Sterling Silver


Little is known about the triquetra before the Christian era depicted with a circle interlocking the triangular shape.

Of Latin origin, the word "Triquetrus" emphasizes Three cornered or Triangular, and is seen as a continuous knot symbolizing an eternal spiritual life with no beginning and end, the same way that there is no beginning and no end to the cycle of life.

For the pagans who respected the nature and saw the hands of their gods in all things, the Three represents God, Goddess and Man; the three realms, Heaven, Hell and Earth; and the world around us in Sky, Land and Sea.


As a prominent symbol in the Wiccan circles, too, the triquetra is interpreted as the three aspects of the female, Mother, Maiden and Crone integrating the phases of the moon.

The first, represented by the waxing crescent Moon, is the Maiden.

It depicts the early stage of her life and is often associated with Spring.

The full Moon represents the Mother who gives life and is a strong, nurturing entity.

The waning crescent Moon, usually associated with Winter, represents the Crone. She is an old woman who has lived through the other two stages of life and has acquired knowledge and wisdom over time.


Details :

- .925 Sterling Silver

- Pendant size 29 mm. H (Not including Bale)

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